We’re bringing faster, more reliable Internet to Rock Falls

Who’s getting faster Internet first? It could be you and your neighbors. Let us explain how it works.

By registering and ordering Rock Falls FiberNet, you show us where demand for our services is greatest. We've developed "Fiberhoods" based on technical considerations and will build first to those meeting our established take rate, which is approximately 45%. So encourage your neighbors to sign up using these 3 easy steps.

Step 1, Sign up: You’re getting closer to a better Internet connection! Sign up for your new service. Convince your neighbors to do the same and we’ll soon be deploying your area. We'll accept a small deposit to show your commitment at this time. Your deposit will be fully refunded in the event we're unable to proceed.

Step 2, Construction: Well done! You’ve passed the threshold and the build-out in your area begins.

Step 3, Connected: Congratulations! You and your neighbors are now surfing crazy fast Internet!